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Monday, December 10, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents BITS + PIECES #9 / Day 1


Everyone dreams of that light-filled, spacious apartment in a pre-war building overlooking a tree-filled boulevard in which the drama of work and play appears almost magical.  Everyone dreams of urban (and urbane) living in any of the world's thriving metropolitan centers such as Paris, London, Budapest, Rio or Buenos Aires.  It appears that folks there seem to live lives more akin to the scenes or narratives portrayed in flicks found at the Angelika (or the little movie-house in Shirlington, VA from which I've observed patrons emerge almost trance-like back into the unfiltered reality of present-day America).  I've always wondered if it's the historic backdrop of antiquity, or a certain laissez-faire, or just a difference in perspective that allows them--the natives elsewhere--to so bravely accept the contradictions and paradox of our existence.  Whatever it is, it is most attractive . . .

Today's soundtrack is RAVIV GAZIT's Hope

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