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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

VT 22.5.13


In your garden, you can make a stand against the prevailing trashy mood of the time.  The great eighteenth-century landscape gardens were made at a time when their busy agricultural owners were fencing and hedging and parcelling and enclosing land.  Capability Brown's idealised landscapes reminded them of a pastoral, dreamy past, before turnips, before corn.

If the mood now is instant, disposable, then our gardens can become places where the opposite things are going on.  We should be planting slow, steady, sustaining things.  In the garden at least, if in no other part of our lives, we can dream a future.

Anna Pavord, 'The Curious Gardener'

1 comment:

maryconnole said...

lovely reminder as I head out to assist gardeners at my garden center job.