For All of My Design-Obsessed Peeps (Summer Victory Remix)

The thought of endless falling rain (in today’s forecast we expect it tomorrow evening and thru Sat) fills me with delicious anticipation.  Here at home in Arlington, just outside the nation’s capital, things have been quite pleasant.  The weather has been cooler and less humid than expected; even yesterday’s mild earthquake played second fiddle to the news of our fellow peep’s win at the primaries.  With Adam at the helm, I feel a little more confident that pragmatism, honesty, and clarity still prevails--as well as representation in Congress for the remainder of the populace not contained within the ruling minority.  Do you think he fully realizes the upcoming fight against the antics of the ‘The Coiffure’ and the Wicked Witch of the 2C (M. Bachmann)?  Should Adam call on ‘The Situation’ to help them ready for 2012?

I received many numerous emails in response to the previous blog posting in which I discussed the probable design inspiration for the ‘Belgian Look’ carried by many of the furniture stores.  I posited that Belgian antiquarian Alex Vervoordt’s subliminally austere interiors have seduced many a shop-owner, dreamy home-owner or magazine editor into such an undertaking, and sadly in some instances without benefit of context or content, the result has been most unpleasant.  Two wonderfully written and beautifully photographed books by Mr. Vervoodt offer valuable insight vis-à-vis his approach to art, antiques, interiors, and gardens.  Combing through our vault of past visual treats, I came across a photo of one of my favorite Vervoordt interiors, and thus I share for the enjoyment of all our recent peeps.

Enjoy today’s visual treat.



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