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We have a natural and constant drive to take better care of ourselves. We look for ways to eat healthier, live greener, work-out, meditate, practice yoga, and so forth - it seems that it is part of our DNA to enhance our lives. Yet one area that we often overlook is our home. Much research has been conducted and published on the effects of good design in work settings and healthcare facilities; articles which dealt with the residential sphere proved more scarce. Why is this, I wondered; we spend over half our lives in our homes, so the omission of information in trade publications and other journals was troubling. The benefits to our psyche which can be attained through good residential design are numerous.

Fortunately, bringing smart design into our homes can be easily done, and does not have to cost a fortune. Working with both individual and families, I make sure that I fully understand the priorities and interests of my clients in creating a home that reflects their lifestyle and personal taste. I am a strong advocate of using the things we already own, reassessing belongings, and eliminating what is unnecessary (if we can muster the courage to do so). We can create a natural flow of energy by rearranging furniture, removing obstacles, and optimizing illumination.  Color, aromatherapy, and music can be used to make a significant and positive change within the home. 

Recently, a client of mine found that she was unable to sleep upon moving into her new home. I noted the bed room had been painted in a highly saturated red color, and a heavy ceiling fan hovered dangerously close to the bed. Changing the mood and energy of the room was accomplished by changing from the highly stimulating and excitable red to a cool and calming green, as well as selecting a smaller model for the ceiling fan. The color we chose worked well with existing pillows, bed linens, artwork, etc. The result was that she felt better in her bed room and she actually looked better, too. Keep in mind that we all have a certain color type and bright red was not hers. Most importantly, this simple change brought real health benefits as she can now sleep well again.

Our homes should be places we long to get back to; places to sustain us and help us move forward in life. When our home becomes a place that nourishes us in these ways, we gain a sense of well-being which enables us to grow and enjoy life on a different level. My goal is to bring this experience to all of my clients.


Iris White Interiors


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