JAN 2013 / The First Post Of The Year


Somewhere in my head, out of the reach of flu-bugs and the incessant stream of thought bubbles carrying little hand-held signs clumsily and carelessly covered with phrases such as 'you're not well', 'lay down now' and 'more liquids and zinc is necessary,' comes the realization that the pristine, organized and spotless office of my dreams may be just that: an image glimpsed and temporarily affixed to a mental file-board which will doubtlessly collapse under the weight of even more acquisitions (holiday gifts and lucky thrift-store finds) and design glossies, as well as the reluctance to devote even a minute of my precious time to the rituals of dusting and polishing or vacuuming.  Easier--still, to use a dimmer when confronted with the true nature of myself.

*  *  * 

Today's soundtrack is Koen Groeneveld's Tormenta Electronica