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Wednesday, January 18, 2012




It seemed like a great time for arm-chair travel.  While the days can be deceptively warm (at least until sunset), at night there is no better place to be than at home -- snug as a bug in a rug!  A few of the holiday gifts I received were subscriptions to design magazines from Canada, France, and my most favorite of all, namely World of Interiors.  One of the activities we enjoyed as kids was searching through maps for obscure points we'd like to explore in the search for hidden treasures, or near-extinct animals.  My brother G. still relishes the excitement and drama of haggling with bazaar-merchants or scolding lazy hotel-maids for dust-balls and missing hand-towels.  Woe to the tour-guide who doesn't offer a near encyclopedic knowledge of local sights and attractions.  As of late, I am quite content to experience the adventure second-hand; imagination, perception, and empathy when combined with the smart programming offered by public radio, or the rich offerings presently at our local movie-theatre in Shirlington seems to do the trick (or satisfy the urge).  Lately, a collection of captivating short stories entitled Bluebeard's Egg by Margaret Atwood has transported me nightly to the wilds of Manitoba, the historic charms of Montreal, as well as the natural beauty of Sault Ste. Marie.  And all this without having to board a train or jet-plane.

Canadian-based Toronto Interior Design Group was founded by Montreal native Yanic Simard.  The firm's website shares that ' Yanic strives to create new and innovative spaces for his wide range of clients.  His versatile style ranges from minimalist to elaborate traditional.  Practicality and functionality play a large role in the development of projects, in addition to cost-effective delivery at the end result achieved by mixing "old" and "new" and "high" and "low".  Yanic Simard has been featured in many Canadian and international publications and he also contributes as a design expert to the acclaimed TV show 'City Line.'  An expansive portfolio of varied projects can be viewed at  

Smart, fresh design from (one of our neighbors to) the north.


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