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Monday, April 22, 2013



Thankfully I was spared the full onslaught of electronic images as the spectacle (and nightmare for many) in Massachusetts played across the wide-screens.  While away from Washington DC, and briefly sequestered in Williamsburg, VA (that tiny hamlet of colonial charm renown for southern graciousness and a certain gentility of long pedigree), the more pressing concerns ranged from deer-resistant evergreens to boxwood winter-burn to shade-loving annuals capable of withstanding some neglect during the heat of the summer which will shortly commence.

We are all affected by this recent breach in our collective safety and well-being.  Last night, the sound of police-cars' sirens in the direction of Shirley Highway produced some anxiety, as well as concern upon encountering numerous road-blocks in the vicinity of the hospital.  I wish that all the troubles and problems facing the nation could be as easily solved as seasonal feedings of Hollytone and plentiful watering, yet even here in the garden, danger lurks in the guise of waiting slugs and hidden borers . . .

Happy Tuesday to everyone!!

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