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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

VT 11.4.13


The irony isn't lost (on me).  Hours upon hours I've spent looking through on-line blog/flyer/magazine/catalogue/tome/newspaper/literary journal--and much more time will pass in the same fashion; countless hours spent in search of an ideal called 'home,' whilst outside the door and not far away eleven million or more individuals clamor for the opportunity to feel 'at home.'  Some were brought across the borders illegally as children. Others climbed across fences, desperately crossed deserts or swam rivers, all drawn to the ideals of liberty and freedom and now claiming this nation as their home.  Many of them have not broken any laws other than being inhabitants in a country which fails to recognize their contribution to the melting pot called the American Dream, as well as their continued plight as persons without a country to call home.  Currently, eleven million or more individuals are denied the opportunity (vis-a-vis citizenship or a path to permanent residency and/or citizenship) because of arbitrary laws which grant residency to some and not to others (for reasons that most will agree are arcane and unfair).  Still, even after this experience of inequality, the Dreamers persevere in their pursuit of 'the American Dream.'

Funny thing about one's place of birth; it can't be planned or self-determined.  Simply a matter of luck, or, destiny.

Never give up, Dreamers!!

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maryconnole said...

Beautiful thought and good to be reminded. Thank you!