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Friday, April 26, 2013

VT 26.4.13


I'm tempted to build something just like this for reasons that many gardeners (and farmers) will clearly understand.  Moles, voles, birds, squirrels, and other unseen critters claim victory daily, and if their sneaky visits continue unabated, this year's expected bounty will fall even shorter than the meager results of our efforts last year when every disaster except a plague of locusts was experienced between the months of June and October.  The three tabbies who reside next door have done nothing so far about the little band of bold-faced bunnies that appear nightly, and who've been nibbling on every hosta leaf or tulip stem within easy reach (or short hop).  Sweet and fuzzy they are, but more adorable when confined to a straw-basket, and nestled among chocolate eggs, marshmallow chicks and short-bread rounds.

Still, upon second thought, perhaps a troupe of agile bunnies is infinitely less annoying than being bombarded by a brigade of stink-bugs, or a battalion of Japanese beetles.  Or a herd of white-tailed deer intent upon a light lunch . . .

Happy Friday to everyone!!

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