Wednesday's Visual Treat - Day 3 / The Theme of Royalty


I confess to a new pleasure, one that happened again and again; and I liked it.  Yes, I did.  At first I was leery, and somewhat reluctant to engage; and in my usual way unwilling to commit.  Mild interest did give way to 'I like,' and then strong enthusiasm outdid itself and became fascination.  Narrowly defined modes of existence collapsed beneath the weight of candy-spun tulle, and prejudices withered when touched by shimmery silk. The sight of the corset proved irresistible, and contented sighs grew louder and remained longer when gazing upon miles of feathery and glittery creations in the shapes of this and that. I was hooked!  Like some who fall for young, fresh skin and the smell of strawberry bubble-gum, or others who probe the darker side a la Foucault; or yet others who remain stranded at the shore gazing on the lighter shade of pale.  Seems we heard it all before and then again--this we know.  For could it be that we are all hooked to something or someone, or the idea? With the other eleven steps somewhere behind or ahead, up and down the hill we run in search of the shimmering lights, the song of songs, and the promise of fulfillment.  

My pleasure of the season has been RuPaul's Drag Race currently running on LOGOTV.  It's been sweet!!

RAJA rocked the house, worked the shows, wowed the judges and won the prize.  Yes, the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race is RAJA who ushers in a new era of 'fierce-ness' for both participants and fans of this highly popular art-form.  Raja is undeniably the master, or should I say mistress, of the catwalk; is makeup-artist extraordinaire, and one hell of a performer who blurs the line between genders, sexes, alternate states of being made highly visible, the art of the wink-wink, and perhaps also that of the wham-bam, thank you ma'am.  During the season, Raja effortlessly channeled the siren/vixen/pin-up goddess/ambitious weather-girl and everything else under the skirt; furthermore, with deftness and encyclopedic precision the couture of McQueen, Chanel (both Coco and Karl), Gauthier, Galliano, and Schiaparelli were brought to life before a captive TV audience of millions, a panel of celebrity judges, Ru herself, a new pit crew, and the Peep-Master (yours truly).

Raja owned it and was crowned the Queen.

Enjoy the show,

 PS: Beauty, it seems, is beyond logic and reason; it moves us beyond ourselves, and its definition is perpetually elusive..


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