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Saturday, February 16, 2013



Deceptive, Mother Nature was.  Friday's day-time was about 60 followed by a wintry mix of light rain at 38.  Running for cover at 7pm, jacket-less and shivering, I knew that I had been 'had.'  This weekend I'll take no chances and have assembled an array of wool sweaters in every color (to match my changing mood), and all the over-coats stand at ready.  I'm patiently waiting for 'Secrecy' by my 2nd favorite British writer--Rupert Thomson--to hit the bookstands, and then I'll stay buried in its pages, only surfacing for a late supper.  His narrative is spellbinding, disturbing, and unforgettable; and I expect nothing more than the same from Mr Thomson whose previous books are a must-read!!  Happy Saturday to all . . .

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