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Monday, February 4, 2013

VT 4.2.13


It's Monday and we've got to get back into work-mode again.  Seems silly to moan about what a drag it is/the long hours/so much responsibilities compounded by extraneous demands from the boss/lack of respect for our contributions/the stress of rush-hour or getting to the day-care, etc etc, when the reality is that we need to work.  If not for the money, then for the opportunity we get to interact with the rest of society in a mutually rewarding environment.  Who amongst us would rather veg yet another day in front of the super-sized television screen/spend yet another day at the mall in search of bargains and some sense of fulfillment/attend yet another fundraiser-luncheon, or worse yet, peruse the employment vacancies yet another time. None, I reckon.

Get up, get dressed, and join the world!!

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