Irregardless of whatever you choose to act, or not, the destruction of the Amazon Forest will shortly commence.
Whatever your decision may be after learning of this, future generations will weep in anguish because of our shared indifference, our continued ennui, our sustained reluctance to confront the unending devastation of our besieged planet.  And all of this, or that, could have been avoided by simply standing up and saying--ENOUGH!!

Kurt Cobain seemed to have summed up the present day perspective vis-a-vis our environment quite succinctly, through the lyrics of the pivotal Nirvana song, Smells Like Teen Spirit; thus:  Here we are now, entertain us . . .

And like an overcrowded theatre of unsatisfied viewers whose blank gaze beholds everything, yet comprehends nothing, the planet and its resources have been pressed into service in order to fill an unending and bottomless void deep within our psyche(s).  Leisure-shopping, hoarding, gorging, fracking, clear-cutting, sport-hunting, logging, mining and numerous other activities remain unchecked as endangered wildlife retreat onto over-crowded reserves, fresh-water sources are contaminated, carbon emissions quadruple yearly, coastal buffer-zones vanish under the assault of concrete and lumber, tribal lands are annexed, dump-fills overflow, and the poor around the world cling every more precariously to life against the distant, unattainable backdrop of IPO's, globalism, luxury brands, gated residential enclaves, and 'organic' food markets.  Pretty sad, isn't it?

Please sign the petition organized by AVAAZ on behalf of Ecuador's Kichwa people to stop oil drilling in the Yasuni National Park (tribal lands located in the Ecuadoran Amazaon).  Let President Correa know that he is compromising his stated promise to stand up for indigenous rights and the environment by offering drilling rights (to foreign investors) across 4 million hectares of pristine rain-forest.   We understand that Correa is in a tough fight as presidential elections loom ahead, yet destruction of the Amazon should not be up for negotiation, or sale to the highest bidder.

Sign now to stand with the Kichwa people and save their forest.  Sign now to prevent further destruction of the Amazon.  Please sign the petition, and share.


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