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Tuesday, December 6, 2011




Ordinarily I would not associate Georgetown, the small area of Washington, DC that is home to the privileged, the powerful, and savvy politicos, with anything other than what it represents:  the fantasy of small town-living within sight of the nation's capital that is occasionally marred only by the sight of boyish Secret Service agents observed discretely loitering outside popular cafes and book-stores.  And the reality that nothing with a covered garage and three bedrooms is available for less than 1.5; (at least on the nicer streets far removed from the ruckus near the Waterfront!) Yet, if one knows where to look, another sensibility runs parallel to the cheerful commercialism which the casual observer can assume is the heart of this destination area.  Sort of like later realizing that the essence of Georgetown lies hidden behind ivy-covered garden walls and down narrow cobble-stoned streets where gracious historic homes present well-maintained facades and keep their skeletons closeted.

Bobbie Medlin's little shop could be missed if one blinked, or swerved to avoid the crowds heading for the retail emporium a few blocks ahead, and that would be a pity.  For many devotees, this well-kept secret --perhaps showcasing the finest selection of tribal jewelry and curated objects (second only to NYC's DeVera) is a aesthete's delight.  Decorative objects from the Far East, such as porcelain and china figurines; carved totems, masks, and baskets from Africa and assorted locales along the Silk Road beckon invitingly from their carefully placed spots, as well as bold paintings in the Art Brut style.  Bobbie's forte are her necklaces, bracelets, and earrings which are the brilliant synthesis of tribal arts and a modern sensibility.  She fearlessly employs antique elements such as amulets, pieces of currency, and items of personal adornment, which are then combined with beads of amber, coral, glass, wood, shell, and natural stones.  Her refined sensibilities and sophisticated eye for the unusual and rare, as well as purchasing her materials from some of the best sources in Europe, produces results that are singularly unique, and actually quietly wondrous.  Nothing screams precious, yet the undercurrent of her offerings practically undulates with the energy of tradition, history, and the patina of age.  

Hands down, some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces available (without resorting to robbery or grand theft).  Please drop into her little shop, or visit her website at, to see the the creations of a true artisan.


PS:  Bobby Medlin is located at 2900 M Street NW.  Please call ahead for hours of availability at 202 333 2630.   

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