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Monday, December 19, 2011

' THE DECEMBER ISSUE ' / In Memory of Alexander McQueen



' THE DECEMBER ISSUE,' the series of essays regarding fashion which ran during the past two weeks, is dedicated to the memory of Alexander McQueen.  Earlier this year, the MET/Costume Institute's exhibition entitled ' ALEXANDER MCQUEEN: SAVAGE BEAUTY,' broke attendance records with an estimated 661,509 visitors, and 100,000 copies of the exhibition catalogue sold.  In May through August, fans/followers/devotees/bloggers/fashion-istas/curators/editors/walkers/wanna-bees/wankers/wierdos, assorted persons, as well as personalities from all genres (and sub-genres as well) of society congregated at the temple of his highness to pay respect to his memory, and to view the collection(s).  McQueen created garments of incomparable and haunting beauty.  His runway shows transformed existing notions of beauty, performance, art, identity, politics and couture to a singular aesthetic vision unparalleled in recent history.  He was truly a genius, and dearly missed.  

Thanks for all your recent emails, and please enjoy today's visual treat.


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