The Peep-Show presents ' 8 Reasons to Love Hannukah' by guest writer Janine Davey


8 Reasons to Love Hannukah!!!!

The very thought of giving or receiving these random gifts makes me delirious with excitement......some "over the top", some staid.....but  fun and generous in my opinion

1) A stunning , insanely gorgeous orchid from either local floral designer Greenworks or Le Printemps, coincidentally near to one another down in the hot new West End area of what is going on there as it always evokes memories of my days at GWU, not appreciating that I lived off campus and did my weekly food shopping at the now closed Safeway at The Watergate. Both shops do a terrific job....and at one point I was fortunate to have orchids from both on my coffee table....they were equally as spectacular!!!

2) A beautiful pen..... one with heft and gravitas. Tiffany does a couple of pretty, feminine styles,( I misplaced mine)...... I purchased a monogrammed ballpoint Montblanc for a friend,( he mentioned that the Cartier I had given him was a bit of a hassle leaking ink in his shirt pockets, oy vey!). A quality writing instrument may be considered extravagant or superfluous by some, but I is a necessity.

3)Have you smelled Tom Ford's Black Orchid fragrance????? You must if you haven't....Tom is quite calculating in his ventures....and this one is a winner!!!! (BTW, I hear the lipstick rocks too!). You or someone you love will appreciate this heavy, floral scent. I own Fracas, but this takes your olfactory senses to a whole new place! As soon as my tester runs out I am off to Saks!!!!

4)The Cartier Love bracelet is a piece that is catching my eye these days...tried and true. I have seen it worn by male/female with style. It is a times I have thought it to be the type of "coming of age" gift that a high school senior is given by upper middle class Mom and Dad...after much filp flopping on the subject, I believe it is a classic, timeless piece that one should strive to include in a varied collection. Some readers may disagree...... I know I wish I had one to lock on for life.....

5)The somewhat ubiquitous MiuMiu sparkly or satin shoe boots.....have you seen them? They can take an ordinary outfit to a whole new level. Do not upgrade or buy a whole new ensemble....just these shoe/boots.....Done! You have actually saved money because you will not be running around at the last minute looking for a "holiday outfit".....hmmmm, perhaps I need to take my own advice???? 

6) The Christ Child Opportunity Shop in Georgetown.... I really love this place!!!! Oversize silver platters, silverware and containers that will impress. They stock a revolving variety of interesting, second hand amazing pieces. The inventory is always changing, but check it out! The off beat art, pitchers, decanters.... I am always pleasantly overwhelmed.

7) Drinks at the Round Robin at The Willard......regal, busy and totally DC!!!! Even better if the carolers are down there.

8) Chocolate.....I have a special appreciation for the "good stuff"....I think there are purported health benefits too. There is a new shop that I have intended to try, a husband and wife team around P street in Georgetown....Les Fleurs? I am no longer fearful of the fat or calories as this is the time to live, enjoy and revel in the fact that we have this incredible community of friends and family. We have survived, literally and figuratively, the past year. Each one of us has friends and family that are no longer here......toast them,honor them, the friend that I lost would have it no other way!!!!! .....Live!!!!! 

Best wishes for health and happiness in 2012!!!!! Boy, does time fly!!!!!