' THE DECEMBER ISSUE ' / Vintage Fashion by guest writer Tara Salerio


I opened my store, called Eclectic Threads, in February of 2001.  I thought that consignment shopping just made sense because it was the ultimate way to recycle unwanted items, and allowed stylish and budget conscious customers to buy 'new-to-you' items at a fraction of retail prices.  I find that the quality of vintage clothing and accessories surpasses much of what is manufactured today -- even designer items. I recently had a customer in the shop who loves fashion, but hates paying retail prices, and she asked, " Why would anyone go anywhere else besides vintage consignment shops for clothing and accessories?  Most vintage pieces look like couture items."  And she is so correct.  Many vintage pieces are made with the same details, fabrics, and sewing techniques that define couture.  Also, some items are made from fabulous fabrics that are no longer manufactured, and are too costly to replicate.

Fashion has always been an interest of mine, especially vintage.  Even as a teenager, I never understood the obsession with buying new designer clothing, which I find to be over-priced and unoriginal.  It seems that all the 'in' styles are merely replicas of the creations of previous eras.  I am a little surprised by current fashion trends, which seem to be all about slouchy boots, tunic tops, sequins, colored tights, and lace -- 80's garb; this an era which I'd prefer not to revisit.

Creative dressers and stylish fashionistas can find individual pieces or entire looks at my shop.  When sourcing for the inventory, I look for well-made, interesting pieces and have been able to offer lots of goodies to those willing to 'see' beyond the obvious (or comb through my extensive selection).  Any of the vintage pieces can be made to pop by adding an outrageous bag, oversized necklace, a brightly colored hat or scarf, or funky shoes.  The scarcity of vintage items makes them desirable, as well as attention-getting (and all this for less than the price of retail). If your interest runs from the 30's to the 90's, please drop in to see what new treasure has arrived.

Tara Salerio
Owner/Stylist at Eclectic Threads

Eclectic Threads
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