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Wednesday, February 8, 2012



It seems that there is an illusion (or belief) that with the passage of the 14th Amendment, the struggle was over, and the fight had been won.  The shenanigans of the Susan G Komen Foundation this past week highlighted the precarious position occupied by many vis-a-vis counseling or general and specialized health services.  Equally revealing was the small group(s) of women who clustered near the Key Bridge in Georgetown on Sunday evening.  Bundled in knitted caps, thick scarves, and sturdy overcoats, with steady conviction they held aloft placards with the words, ERA VOTE, MONDAY IN VA ASSEMBLY. Some drivers honked in agreement, a few seemed perplexed, and many continued on to party preparations for the Superbowl game.  I made a resolve to find out more about that particular piece of legislation then pending in Richmond, to get more involved in the civic processes of our country, and to perhaps watch less TV.  I hope that all of us (peeps) will do the same, since November is fast approaching.  And the stakes are getting increasingly higher!

Please enjoy today's visual treat, courtesy of American artist Barbara Kruger.


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Anonymous said...

I have avoided daily news in print for a while and have recently resumed daily digestion of the Post and periodically local news in the Gazette. Thanks