The PEEP-SHOW presents VISUAL CANDY (THIS + THAT) / Day 4 - Twelve or More Million



It seems that none of the leading candidates quite knows, or will reveal his intent to address  the issue of the eleven (or twelve) uninvited immigrants who currently reside within our borders.  Keeping the southern border secure seems achievable, once we get that virtual, and also physical, fence solidly in place, all 2000 miles of it.  Drones traversing overhead, guard dogs and ever-vigilant troops swelled by the ranks of the border-patrol and the idealistic Minutemen, aided by fixed cameras recording every movement within close proximity in anticipation of the full-scaled assault by the desperate and weary hordes intent on destroying our way of life.  Within the heavenly confines of the lower 48, if the proposed policy of self-deportation does succeed and undocumented families who now fill the ranks of produce-pickers/factory-processors/construction-workers/cleaning-persons/landscapers/baby-sitters/restaurant staff are 'encouraged' to return back to their respective homelands, then what?  Prison-gangs back into the fields, minority children learning the rudiments of mob-and-broom, college students undertaking painting and light home-repair during summer breaks; I think not!
Graciously, an exception may be made for grandmothers, anchor-babies, and a few others; pity and sympathy for any able-bodied male (or female) who manages the elude the traps set by ICE, our local law-enforcement, or the upholders of morality; yes them too, for fence-jumpers are synonymous with thieves and drug-runners and adulterers and on and on the list of transgressions continues, for this is the manner in which the sub-text has been shared with the chosen who adamantly state that America is for Americans, and gun-toting is a right, and that the world was created in six days.

Just makes me wonder at the hypocrisy and inhumanity of it all, especially as next Tuesday approaches.    

Hope you enjoy today's visual treat, a wonderful example of poster art/propaganda/evidence of social unease/a call for political activism.



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