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Wednesday, February 29, 2012




Any discussion on the use of bold colors, exuberant patterns, and the masterful combination of the two decorating elements invariably concludes with a nod to the work of interior designer Anthony Baratta.  Never content to simply remain within the realm of the mundane or expected, he always pushes the limits of the pattern-on-pattern-on-pattern interplay.  In the hands of a less experienced designer, this sitting room (today's visual treat) could have proved disastrous; Anthony achieves cozy, relaxed, and visually compelling.  Indeed, a purview of his portfolio reveals projects that are balanced, practical, and spirited.  And all this while having loads of fun with color and pattern!

On the use of wallpaper, he shared his thoughts;  " I have a love-hate relationship with wallpaper. Believe me, I have tried everything at least once. It's the over-use of certain patterns that kind of bugs me. How many times in the past few years have we seen Chinese hand-painted papers or a short-lived surge in toile de Jouy. I will always be in love with these types of wallpapers but I have had to give them a break for a bit.  Right now, it's more interesting for me to use unexpected fabrics as wall coverings. I've used quilt patterns and flowered chintz walls when I want a busy background; and for clean and simple decorating, I'm into things like burlap and ultra-suede, and I love the wet look of vinyls.

Wallpapers go in and out of style really quickly so be careful of trendy colorways and very stylised patterns. I remember my mom used a pattern in her dining room that was up for what seemed like an eternity but looked tired after two weeks -- imagine rust colored roses on a navy blue background. Yikes!

But I'm sure I'll be back to toile soon though.  I 'm considering one for a ski house in Utah.  There's even talk in my office of using wallpaper borders again. Fancy that!"

Mr. Baratta's exciting, colorful portfolio can be viewed at


PS:  Today's soundtrack is Diane Ross' The Boss.

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