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Thursday, February 16, 2012

STORIES FROM THE HEART / Day 3 Visual Inspiration (a secret garden)



Ricardo Bofill's secluded garden in Barcelona only reiterates all the reasons why gardeners, garden designers, aesthetes, style-conscious fanatics, and design-obsessed peeps spend so many hours poring over tear sheets, scouring the magazines, searching for newer and better design blogs, queueing to view designer show-houses and neighborhood tours.  We all want to see the clever ways in which individuals carve out their respective bit of paradise; and with lots of sweat equity and/or vision and some luck, the finished results are frequently so creative, highly individual, and inspiring.  Today's visual treat which was featured many years ago in numerous magazine articles and easily viewed in its entirety at, shows the smart ways in which an abandoned cement factory located well within the boundaries of town was transformed into a refuge for Mr. Bofill who especially values tranquility and solitude, and calls his home/office/exhibition space, "a magic place which strange atmosphere is difficult to be perceived by a profane eye."  I am so drawn to this leafy oasis with its overhang of abundant foliage, lush garden beds, and the architectural backdrop which is reminiscent of a fortresses or Roman aqueduct.  The sheer height of the structures as well as the prevailing mood of a forgotten paradise makes this spot oh so sweet, and memorable.  And fuels my imagination, as well as makes my heart go pitter-patter with desire.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with love (or lust).


PS:  Tonight's soundtrack is Pat Metheny's Above the Treetops.

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