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Friday, September 14, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents HARD(er) CANDY/ Day 1



I must admit to being somewhat distracted as of late, perhaps since the end of the last week or the beginning of this one.  It's been pretty hard to stay disinterested, or distanced, as the political rhetoric exploded in the respective arenas of the Republic and Democrat Conventions.  Yet, even above the noise created by the chants and jeers, promises and lies, rants and raves, there is the prevailing sense that America, as a nation, is poised--perhaps the term teetering may be more apt--on the brink of promise, or peril.  A condition which becomes more apparent with each new day, or the evening's news-broadcast. Whether it's a matter of perspective, or inner prejudices, the actions of some as of late seem petty and vicious, totally 'un-American,' and contrary to the spirit of democracy espoused to the world at large.  Credibility abroad becomes questionable when the ethics of voter surpression, campaign financing, and reproductive rights seem to temporarily shelved (at home).  I couldn't help but sadly noting that some see the strides made on behalf of equality, or inclusion, or representation, as a threat to the status quo; and thankfully others are quietly, and with grim determination, forging on, imbued by the ideals of the Republic and the founding fathers, as well as the tradition of humanism.  Social activism is not dead; hurray!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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