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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents HARD(er) CANDY / Day 2



More than ever, open dialogue between all affected groups is needed.  It's pretty serious stuff when an American ambassador and his staff are murdered by a 'mob of fundamentalists;' even more serious are the some of the issues at stake:  freedom of speech (or expression), the role of the government censorship, as well as the play at power between high (the robed theocrats) and low (the millions of believers whose belief is shaped by the mullahs who function as intermediaries between holy script and everyday life).  The recent events seem pretty barbaric, and to some, evidence of some type of impending scourge, the preview to Sodom + Gomorrah (or something like that!).  Yet, here at home and if memory serves me right a year or two ago, several abortion clinics were bombed and medical personnel killed; all this now history best forgotten or shelved into distant memory as we continue to express shock, horror, and dismay at all the furor over 'a video.'  I welcome the day when there is more tolerance and acceptance for opposing views and minority religious groups, as well as a greater distinction between church and state--in all nations, including our own.


Today's soundtrack is MEESHA's Sepal (


Nomad Ink said...

Heavy mood today.

Shane said...

A little. But the series is called 'harder candy."