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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents HARD(er) CANDY / Day 4



When a taped clip of the speech made by Republican presidential nominee, namely Governor Mittens Romney, surfaced, it caused a bit of embarrassment. Perhaps shocking and alarming to some, yet others saw it as just another indicator of the GOP's emphasis on preserving a tax system which continues to reward the rich at the expense of a dwindling middle class.  And, if we are to believe the sentiment expressed by Mr Romney to a group of wealthy donors, he regards 47% of the general populace as irrelevant for they, or we, continue to see ourselves as victims, are incapable of holding jobs, and 'believe that {we} are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name it . . . .'  I find it sad, as well as perplexing, that an individual who campaigns for election, who yearns to hold public office as the nation's leader, could so casually dismiss millions of lives as not being part of his focus--now, or later.

A purvey of current news indicates that the gap between those in favor of, or against Mr Romney, shifts faster than a spinning top, depending on the day or time, or pollster.  Subsequent stump speeches and appearances by this candidate do not reveal a change in his position vis-a-vis the 47%,  but instead point to a general weariness on his part to revisit this vexing issue--the 47%.  In the weeks leading up to voting day, I am sure that more surprises await us; yet one thing is sure and won't catch anyone off-guard, and that is:  that myself, as well as countless others will not be casting a vote in favor of this quockwodger as our next POTUS.


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