Visual Treats / Design Tips from Wise(r) Voices -- Day 1/Stan Topol

Designer Stan Topol


The democratization of media, especially on-line, now allows everyone (and anyone) to share their thoughts on almost anything (and everything).  While it is generally agreed that this new state of affairs has loosened the vice-like grip of editorial control long exercised by magazines and newspapers as they now must vigorously compete for the general public's readership and subscription revenue, something else has occurred.  Besides the opportunity for neglected and new talent to publicize their services and achievements, a development which works undoubtedly to the advantage of a silent majority who have long and patiently toiled in the shadows without any sort of recognition, the atmosphere of interior design--and here we speak solely of the way in which home decor presents itself--seems at times something akin to that of a carnival.  The many 'looks' which proliferate countless blogs speak more to the photographer's frame or the page layout than the way in which people actually live; could it be that the stylist's savvy outweighs the designer's vision?

A look quite popular in recent years is the use of the 'natural.'  Taxidermy and horns abound in interiors varying from Annapolis (MD) to Manhattan (NY) to Zinnia (OH).  Feathers, shells, and butterflies follow next in popularity, and can be seen propped in book-cases, adorning fireplace-mantels, and displayed across any bare surface not filled by art-books, vases of branches or white orchids, and massed groups of candle-sticks.  For the sure indicator of contemporary chic, get out the zebra-skin rug, darling!!  With a demand so high, it's a wonder that any of these four-footed beauties remain to gallop across the plains.  Lastly, pets (usually cats and dogs) figure prominently and face us unapologetic from atop beds, armchairs, and ottomans.  In every article, the owners state that slipcovers, corduroy/wool/cotton, and routine brushing make hair-free living a breeze.  I beg to differ!!

This week's series is devoted to 'Design Tips From Wise(r) Voices,' and shares notes of experience and sources of inspiration from a number of extremely talented designers who have 'walked the walk.'  I hope that these little nuggets of wisdom will guide us all in the next few weeks as many of us contemplate the transition from our summer look to one which suits the advent of cooler evenings, the changes in the garden, and seasonal festivities.

On the matter of a room's color, designer Stan Topol says, " I don't like painted Sheet-rock, and white walls are sterile.  This black patent wall-paper is glamorous and makes the walls disappear.  I like light floors with dark walls.  The floor reflects the light shining down on it and pops it back up."


PS:  Tonight's soundtrack is provided by SSRADIO Deep & Soulful.  (I love you DJ Shep)


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