Visual Treats / Design Tips from Wise(r) Voices -- Day 3/Stephen Sills & James Huniford



Never has the moon seem so full as it did tonight.  It hung low over the east, and almost grazed the surface of the river.  Looking up at its brilliant surface, I imagined that I could see mountains and valleys, sometimes partially obscured beneath layers of pale grey and white clouds.  Later in the night, I had another opportunity to view the moon which appeared even closer and larger.  What if moon burst into 100 million sharp jagged parts and a shard pierced by beating heart?  I surprise myself when I recall such thoughts, and I am amused by the erratic ways in which my mind races.  Sometimes surprises are fun and sweet like raspberry jam hidden under layers of creamy chocolate cake, or touching like an unexpected kiss from a loved one--or the one who is the object of our secret desire(s).  And at other times, some surprises remind us of other realities perhaps in opposition to ours.  Like the initial surprise upon hearing the chants (or shouts) of the tea-baggers upon the issue of uninsured persons in this country.  Surprise gave way to unease and then alarm upon hearing the words to the effect of--let the uninsured die!  What could have pierced the hearts of that particular audience to cause such disregard for the dignity of human life, I wonder??

Please enjoy tomorrow's visual treat, and thanks for being wonderful (and kind) readers.


On the subject of color, Stephen Sills and James Huniford write that the first rule is:  There is no such thing as an ugly color.  Any color can come alive and be made to work wonderfully when it is put with compatible colors.  Even the muddiest brown can be glorious when paired with the right blues and white.  Some of the most chic schemes involve shades of brown, gray, or dark green, paired with wonderful complimentary colors.  If you truly love a color, you can make it work.