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Monday, September 12, 2011

Visual Treats / Design Tips from Wise(r) Voices -- Day 2/Albert Hadley


It's day 2 of the series devoted to design tips from wise(r) voices.  The dean of American decorating--Albert Hadley says that, "Ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected surface in a room." I subscribe wholeheartedly to this dictum; ceilings are the perfect location for paper, a stencilled treatment, or a color other than blah-blah flat decorator's white, or that mess of pigment commonly called 'eggshell.'  For the bold-hearted, this expanse of surface is ideal to play with a complimentary color to that which has been applied on walls and trim.  Nothing is worse than looking up at a ceiling which seems timid, uninspired, or an afterthought.  In Hadley's NY apartment (pictured above), metallic (leaf) tea-paper has been skillfully applied, and the reflection is quite stunning.  If your painting contractor insists on an application of flat paint for masking imperfections, instruct him to instead reach for joint compound/Spackle/sanding pads/primer, and to forget about a quick and easy exit.  The finished product is well worth the extra time and expense.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, and keep looking up!!


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