Visual Treats/Design Tips from Wise(r) Voice -- Day 4/Sheila Bridges



The peep-show devoted to design tips from wise(r) voices continues today with the amazing Sheila Bridges, one of my favorite designers who consistently creates interiors that are colorful, layered, textured, and always intimate.  Love her style, love her look, and love her!!


On style, Sheila Bridges states that, “I enjoy mixing different styles and periods of furniture as well as combining different textures and patterns.  Drawing from a diverse range of styles is inherently interesting in decorating - it brings the space to life. I think it is also one way that you can make a space authentically yours.".

On color: "I am especially fond of blues and greens. I like to experiment with different color combinations. On one project, it may be greens and grays, the next it may be pinks, yellows, and blacks, or blues and browns."

And, on inspiration:  “I’ve always been greatly inspired by the beauty of nature—things as simple as the texture or color of moss on a rock or the stripes of a bird’s feather. I always try to incorporate these elements into my work. I’m also greatly inspired by my travels. Some of my favorite design inspirations have come from Morocco, Southern Italy and parts of Asia—but I can also find inspiration in local destinations like South Beach in Miami or in New Orleans. I am like a sponge - soaking up all the visual cues and color combinations."