Weekend Visual Treat (for all of my Design-obsessed and FB Peeps)

CHAC/Mayan God of Rain


I have always been drawn to them; they seem to pull me in, and then hold me captive as my mind and imagination runs endlessly through vast areas of unchecked possibilities--some sensual and some not, perhaps heart pumping erotic but I will never tell--and then back again to the image upon which I dare not lay my head for fear of nirvana.

It may have been an earlier copy of National Geographic, or the mid-day Sunday bouts held on Bird's Isle where shirt-less pugilists performed in front of a rowdy, blood-thirsty crowd of sport-fans and gamblers.  Dare say it could have been a younger Henry Rollins, taunting, sweaty, fierce; he is forever locked in my memory, an image of an alpha, the face and voice of a past persistently present.  Yes, yes, I remember him now, that easily conjured image--alone in the spotlight, he (is) with arms akimbo.  In the French quarter, they appeared like ghosts, or dreams, from out of dimly lit bars, disappearing around corners and against brick walls, calling down from balconies or dragging speaker boxes and sinister guitars. They, almost all, had them and I had wanted one, like forever.

Catalogues and tear sheets of Maori/Celtic/Japanese (designs) were dismissed, for I am neither.  Nor sailor, construction-worker, biker, or sand-pirate.  CHAC appeals to my love of rain, provides a link to my father's father's father, and pays homage to gods and monster, beasts and men, celestial bodies and concepts sometimes best left unsaid.  Now permanently incised on my neck, it is part of me, something and somewhere beyond surface ornament and mere artifice. Skin as canvas, mark of the warrior, through the end of time--mine.  

Please enjoy tonight's visual treat -- Lord CHAC (Mayan God of Rain).


PS:  Tonight's tune is We Was So Close by Track N Field, courtesy of chilltrax.com


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