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Monday, March 12, 2012

' CAMERA-WORKS: The Photo-Show!! ' / Day 2 -- BRUNO MAHLMANN


Note:  The original image was taken with a Mamiya C45 DM 28 medium format digital camera with an 80mm lens.  
It is from a series of images from Sedona and several other locations in Arizona.

The image is of an unknown massive Red Rock formation from Sedona, Az.  If you ever have tried to photograph a rock and make it look interesting, then you know how difficult it is.  The shear size of the formation, the space and geometry it occupies relative the sky, land and trees is awe inspiring.  I pre-visualized the image in black and white with soft edges and significant detail in the rock itself.  I drove by this area under varying light conditions for many days.  I then hiked around the base of the rock for hours until  the image I visualized appeared before me.  Image composition is done in camera with minimal image manipulation in photoshop.  I try to capture images that have visual impact no mater the subject or object being photographed.  So, for this image, I'd like the viewer to say, "wow, that is a helluva big beautiful rock.  I've never seen such a thing." If several of you convey that sentiment, I will be a happy man.