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Friday, March 2, 2012




Today closes the series devoted to wallpaper, and judging from the large amount of hits to the blog site, many viewers just couldn't resist the amazing photos and insightful comments that were provided by our featured interiors designers, namely Matthew Patrick Smyth of New York and Connecticut, Beth Webb of Atlanta, Anthony Baratta of New York, and Washington-based Wayne Breeden.  I loved the wide range of aesthetic choices shown, and the innovative manner in which wallpaper, once considered passe yet now so relevant, was utilized.  It makes me wish that as a teenager I had been more understanding of my mother's fondness for patterns, especially florals.

Mary Douglas Drysdale,  Washington's most prominent designer, was kind enough to share her thoughts on the use of wallpaper.  Upon receiving her jpeg, it was immediately clear why she is considered the queen of design in the nation's capitol.  A masterful handling of patterns, textures, and color, with the result simply sublime.  Mrs Drysdale shares below:

While I am known for my extensive use of colorful and decorative painting techniques, I do love papered rooms. My absolute favorite use of patterned papered walls can be found in the classic toile room, where the walls, and almost everything else, are covered in the same patterned and colored toile.  Many companies make companion textiles and papers which make these schemes easy to develop.  When I find a toile I love and the companion paper is not available, I will develop this sort of room scheme by “backing” the fabric in order that I use it as a wall covering. This process is easy, inexpensive and reasonably quick.  I have a toile bedroom which will appear in the soon to be out, April Traditional Home Magazine; it is blue and white and it makes a very cozy bedroom! 

Friends and blog readers, please enjoy the weekend and remember that next week's blog postings are all about the joys of the spring garden.


PS:  Today's soundtrack is Cerrone's Love & Be Loved (Kenji Eto Mix)

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