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Friday, March 16, 2012


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I am an experimental fine-art photographer.  I also work in lifestyle as well as fashion.  I enjoy experimenting with all the mediums of photograph, from a plastic lens to large-format work.  I have no preference to working in color or b/w.  I think the image and mood sets the tone for what may be color or black+white.  My photography is an exploration of life:  people, landscapes, or the way in which the two interact.  I enjoy it all.  I believe in forward thinking -- understand the traditional, yet push the limits and enjoy the journey.  {I} live and capture time-pieces of life.  {I} create imagery!

Paul uses traditional methods of photography, however he prefers to be more experimental and edgy with his imagery. He continuously pushes himself to keep his work interesting. Paul has studied at the Corcoran, Brooks Institute of Photography and the Art Institute of Los Angeles. His studies in the related fields of graphic design and cinematography give way to inspiration and movement in his work.

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Fernando Batista said...

nice .. healthy approach to the image ..