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Sunday, March 25, 2012




Just wanted to thank you all for all your emails this week.  It seems that many of our blog readers were quite perturbed about the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida, and as protests mount all around the country, we too are doing our part by advocating for justice by calling on government officials and law enforcement personnel to do the the right thing by arresting Mr. Zimmerman and then presenting the case to a judge and jury of his peers.  I know that a mother's (and father's) heart has been broken with the death of their son, and we all offer our condolences to the Martin family.

While it is easy to romanticize the past as we conjure images of landed gentry graciously stepping ashore from the Mayflower, younger voices within our society especially must be reminded that we are all the sons and daughters of immigrants, except for the original inhabitants of this great land -- the Native American Indians, whose views differ quite differently from the 'official story' or Thanksgiving, and probably wish that they had been more questioning of small-talk throughout dinner.  Irrespective of party affiliation, many decent and hard-working folks will concede that isolationism has not worked, and if America (U.S.A.) purports to be a global power, then the living conditions faced by others around the world are also our concern, for we are all interconnected and ignoring the white elephant only works for so long, and then BAM!!, the towers are burning and we admit that beyond these shores exists another reality (or realities) which we must now acknowledge or risk _____________.

Unlike Mr Daisey, I will admit that the living-room pictured above is not mine, but another's artistic interpretation of visual beauty.  Love it, and could imagine spending a life-time happily ensconced within that gracious room.  Hope you enjoyed this week's peep-show of visual treats, and remember that next week is all about gardens, a topic much favored by our readers in England.


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