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Thursday, March 29, 2012




If being able to experience flight, as today's visual treat so magnificently alludes, sign me up for wings, ballooning, hang-gliding, or lucid dreams while curled up with my four pillows/two blankets/scented foot-lotion, and uninterrupted sleep.  The soft verdant hills beckon invitingly and suggest infinity, making the thought of leaving it all behind --as we all will--less alarming, mildly cautionary, and re-emphasizing the preciousness of it all, meaning our time here on this earth.  Today is not a time for being melancholy or maudlin, (and pathos serves no purpose), and during the morning's perfection, countless birds twitter and hop from branch to branch, leaves unfurl in accordance to an ancient rhythm, and little white clouds float breezily overhead.

I must admit to experiencing pangs of jealousy at the superb specimens of container-pots featured in the gardening magazines, both at the gorgeous vessels utilized and the creative combination of plant materials which reveal assurance and skill, as well as dedication during the hell we call July and August.  This week I resolved to undertake container plantings that would make passers-by green with envy, and ventured onto the nursery lot at dawn's break (or at the unloading of the grower's delivery truck) in search of the choicest specimens.  On the verandah, three hanging baskets have had their raffia liners filled of a trio composed of obedient plant/caladium/bronze clover; 2 composite urns that are situated at the entry to Madame Felicia's home will be filled with sun-loving apricot-colored blanket flower {Gaillarda 'Arizona Apricot'}, fragrant rosemary {Rosmarinus 'Arp'}, and bluebeard {Caryopteris 'Longwood Blue'} to provide height and mid to late summer interest, creeping stonecrop {Sedum album ' Coral Carpet'} to cover the base of plant-stalks and minimize moisture loss on the soil surface, and bloody cranesbill {Geranium 'Max Frel'} to spill over the container's side.  I'm both curious and excited about the results, and will keep you all posted as to the wow factor (as expressed by others).

Tomorrow is Friday, and the weather forecaster predicts the best weekend yet.  So enjoy it responsibly and have a sober friend (or cabbie) get you home after celebrating the end of March and the count-down to chocolate eggs, bunny-rabbits, and a new church-hat.


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