Anyone who has the courage to jump ship from: working for the Man/getting by/sitting it out/ whatever, I need a paycheck/just doing what I have to do/putting in my time until retirement, and so forth, should be commended; and the entrepreneur-inclined among us should be twice saluted and given seconds of bubbly for having the sheer audacity to forge their own path in spite of innumerable obstacles which loom even larger in this time of a sluggish market, greater competition, and tighter credit access.  In exchange for full autonomy, one gets to play all roles of a business company without the satisfaction of an assured income, or the periodic pep-talks from a 'concerned' supervisor whose interests may differ markedly from yours--or the employer's bottom line which can run contrary to your ethics or sense of purpose (in life).

Thirds of bubbly and heaped spoonfuls of caviar for women who bravely charge against the walls of sexism and racism to actualize their dreams of owning their own business(es) whether it is knitting booties in the basement craft-room, running an accounting and tax service from the extra bedroom, or creating apparel or jewelry.  It takes guts to do it alone, and my friend, Andrea Gutierrez of Andrea Gutierrez L.A., wins my admiration hands down.  Besides being environmentally sensitive and small-business oriented through supporting other small, independent merchants, Andrea creates beautiful and unusual pieces of jewelry which are simply amazing (and a steal when compared with other offerings on the market).   She states that, 'my love for design and creating beauty started early in life, as my mother instilled in me her passion for fine, hand-embroidered linens and luxury textiles, and a keen interest in the history of the decorative arts and jewelry.  I vividly remember our weekly outings to the open-air markets in Geneva, Switzerland -- we would spend hours scouring the purveyors' stalls looking for hidden treasures, finding exquisite laces, embroidered textiles, antique beads,  jewelry and the fascinating stories that came with each piece.'

A virtual tour of her site ( is a visual feast of splendid cuffs, earrings and necklaces.  The pieces are made by hand using antique cut metal and seed beads, gemstones, Swavorski crystals, vintage ornaments, gold, silver and found objects, which are embroidered layer by layer on a silk base (or a leather-band).  The results are luxurious and unique, and perfect for those who admire craftsmanship, artistry, and originality. Beautiful offerings by a beautiful individual who deserves yet another toast (and more bubbly)!!

If you're in the mood to treat yourself (or a loved one) to something fabulous, please visit her site (and prepare yourself to be amazed).

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, and thanks for your continued readership.


PS:  Today's soundtrack:  SCUBA's Before (After) (Triangulation Interpretations)


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