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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents EYE CANDY PART 8 / Day 1



Oh, oh!! Who could have imagined that brass handles could still look so 'just right' and fly in the face of popularity which deems brushed nickel, rubbed bronze, and stainless steel almost mandatory for any design project currently under consideration or construction.  Like fashion, home furnishings and decorative accessories transmute through cycles of desire and disdain, and pity the man (or woman) who is caught late jumping on the party-wagon, or unaware of the end of one trend and the emergence of its successor.  Smart interior-designers suggest that before leaping into the pool of conformity, spend an afternoon or two at the library reading up on the history of design where it becomes easily apparent that irrespective of any epoch's 'look', the tenets of warmth, comfort, and appropriateness should guide the decorative process of one's home.  While conducting 'research' (best undertaken in an easy-chair, and with a tall latte) you'll discover what thrills your heart, and allow yourself to revel in its particular beauty and attraction, in spite of the smirks from the meddlesome design-snobs who live up the street and still long to be oh-so-hip.


PS:  Today's soundtrack:  DJ Orion & J. Shore's Your Highness (Eskadet Remix)

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