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Tuesday, May 22, 2012




How do we satisfactorily close this week's series entitled ' CELEBRATING THE 2ND SEX, ' devoted to the all the wonderful women in our lives?  Hopefully on a high note, that's all I can wish for from the blog readers who life in such faraway places like India, Singapore, Russia, and that enthusiastic group who hails from our backyard, Canada.  Fiercely charismatic Hilary Clinton receives kudos for bringing back a certain gravitas to the post of Secretary of State (bare-faced and all); my days would not be as challenged or enriched without the broadcasts of NPR host Diane Rehm, who continues to deliver the best of talk radio from 10 to 12--bar none.  And, besides unsung heroes (or heroines) such as nurses, nannies, and teachers who are expected to give unselfishly and without reserve, folks such as the cleaning-crews who head out after normal business hours to mop/vacuum/sweep/wipe-down the offices until clock-out at 1 or 2 am; the bakers and salad-makers whose early hours in the kitchen at the wee-hours result in the full trays of delights awaiting the breakfast and lunch crowds; produce pickers and other workers on the lines at processing and packing plants in the beef/poultry/sea-food/fruit/vegetable industry.  How ironic that they're barely acknowledged yet so integral to our daily existence, and instead we shower minor actresses/reality starlets/talent-less crooners with perks/freebies/designer give-aways/magazine covers/goodwill ambassadorships/lucrative contracts to hawk goods which no-one really needs/VIP comps, and so forth.  

Peeps, regardless of what's happening out there, here at The PEEPSHOW we want to salute and thank all the wonderful women in our lives.


PS:  Today's soundtrack:  LAMB's Wise Enough

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