The PEEPSHOW presents EYE CANDY PART 8 / Day 5 -- MEMORIAL DAY 2012



Before we step out of this beautiful entry and into summer, I'd like to remember all the fallen soldiers who fought to ensure our freedom, as well as to pay tribute to our armed forces who are bravely serving in foreign lands.  Whether or not we agree with the decisions for having American troops engaged in warfare overseas, or the purposes, or the desired results, we applaud their efforts and commitment, as well as the families who patiently await their return.  On this Memorial Day, I'd also like to remember the hundreds of thousands of persons who remain behind bars without access to legal counsel or the opportunity to redress past alleged violations;  many are denied the possibility of parole for transgressions which are at best morally, ethically, or legally questionable.  It's no secret that individuals from 'minority' groups account for a disproportionate percentage of the convicted; what's less known is that they receive limited counseling or rehabilitative services (or none!!), are housed under inhumane conditions, and are viewed by those who trade in the correctional facility services as little more than a 'cash crop' to enrich the coffers of private corporations.  While confinement -facilities in some states swell daily with the influx of new arrivals, white-collar crime continues unabated and frequently unaddressed, but for the demands of a few, the courageous testimony of whistle-blowers, and the actions of socially-conscious individuals who've understood the potentials offered by new technology, media-sites, and the power of public-petitions.  Cheers to them!! 

Hope you enjoy the rest of Memorial Day 2012, as well as today's visual treat by interior designer Christopher Drake, courtesy of House Beautiful.


PS:  Today's soundtrack:  GOLDFRAPP's Pilot (Felt Mountain)