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Friday, May 25, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents EYE CANDY PART 8 / Day 3 --



While my preference in a place of repose runs to dark and moody in the style of Caravaggio or Bacon (less Basic Instinct, more Blade Runner), today's interior is quite sweet and certainly captures the spirt of the season.  Who among us can resist a four-poster bed piled high with pillows; a cozy chair perfect for the morning paper, and a center-table painted the color of a Caribbean boat-hull and suggestive of Bermuda (or Belize).  Truth be told, the vase of flowers probably clinched my selection of this particular image, as I find hydrangeas irresistible and can't wait for my bushes to burst forth in all their glory.  After a good night's sleep, I'll head out in the morning to the garden for an hour of two of solace, undisturbed but for the early birds who lately have been having a feast on the fruit of the serviceberry trees, just beyond the reach of Lady Emblom's over-sized kitty named Sausage, who regretfully does not have a bell on his collar and is much feared in these parts.  Who knows what I'll find tomorrow, but whatever happens--I'll keep calm and carry on!!

Hope you all enjoy today's visual treat.


PS:  Today's soundtrack:  HOOVERPHONIC's Inhaler (A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular)

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