The PEEPSHOW celebrates SUMMER LOVE!!! / Day 4



Every day I continue to marvel at the wonder of modern technology, especially I-tunes, which allows the listener to enjoy music, shows, interviews, and news broadcast from virtually anywhere in the world.  It's Saturday night and I'm sitting contentedly at my little desk; with a quick click of the mouse I'm able to travel through distant regions and cities where prolific DJ's offer wonderful mixes of electronica, disco, and house music; at times I bask in nostalgia while visiting more obscure stations devoted to folk, regional, or heritage songs and rhythms.  During the recent heat-wave I had great fun on a friend's I-phone, especially the app that listed the weather conditions of the hemisphere's most northern cities, all this in sharp contrast to the burning inferno we struggled through, and may live to tell our offspring depending on what the months of August and September brings.  I want to take this opportunity to heartily salute the wonder and wizardry of FaceBook which facilitates new friendships across oceans and continents, and makes the rest of world so much more immediate and wonderful, at times almost as homey as chatting across the back fence . . .

I hope that my many FB friends will all have a lovely evening.


Today's soundtrack is SIPRUT's Bridge To Macrocosmos (