The PEEPSHOW presents HARD (eye)CANDY / Day 3



In a blink of an eye, or, more accurately, with a little flicker it was all gone from sight.  For the storm howling outside my window, and the rains whipping across the garden-shed followed by the boom of lighting in the night sky had succeeded in bringing the nation's capitol (and many areas of the mid-atlantic) to its knees, and in this position we thus remained.  The realization that electrical power had been disrupted (without prior warning) and the inability to keep reading my late-night novel entitled Dreams of My Russian Summer paled in comparison to the harsher realities which were experienced in the days following; food-shops closed within a walking radius, and long queues at the gas-stations where confusion reigned under the 95 degree heat of the afternoon sun.  A scarcity of bagged-ice or drinking water was experienced by many, as well as hours-long delay in transportation because of fallen trees, dark signal-lights, and the onslaught of common citizens all intent on getting:  rewired/recharged/reconnected/refreshed/replenished, and seen from the safety of my car, a few instances of just wanting RESPECT!!  Seemed almost like a story from biblical times or an apocalyptic movie gone viral and real, until one realizes that in certain parts of the world this state of affairs is the norm, and there the everyday experience of life shared by many does not include demanding calls to PepCo, double-headers in the cool of the multiplex, or the belief that within a few hours it will all be over and everything back, just the easy and comfortable way we've come to expect it to be.

Happily for me, our street was reconnected yesterday evening, and tonight I'm back to you. Thanks for all your FB messages and emails.  Missed you too . . .


PS:  Today's soundtrack is PABLO DENEGRI's Nebulosa (marco zenker remix)