Tonight's rain which started earlier, perhaps it began yesterday afternoon with a slight drizzle, seemed to quench the thirsty earth, as well as those among us who have become quite parched throughout the previous week, as well as this one.  It has become increasingly difficult to rush from the back garden to that of Lady Emblom's (who is still holidaying in Canada), before the harsh rays of the sun pierces through the late afternoon and well into the evening.  Laurels and boxwoods which once seemed impervious to the drought have turned brown and dry.  Roses and daisies, as well as zinnias and marigolds provide sharp bursts of vivid color in an otherwise drab bed, although on occasion the dahlias burst forth with a startling vengeance almost formidable when compared to their native counterparts.  An abundance of bunny-rabbits have almost decimated the basil plants carefully placed just near the peony bushes and Japanese ferns.

Reetika's mother planted peony bushes some years ago, and at the base were placed smooth river-pebbles on which the words MEMORY (or LOVE?) were painted.  Sometimes, during the day's activities I'll quickly glance over and press on, for the numerous tasks of the garden causes one to hurry before dusk sets in, and the long drive home.  Yet, each spring as if by pure magic, the peony buds unfurl and dinner-plate sized blooms appear with little fanfare to bewitch all visitors.  Particularly this week, I couldn't help remembering my cherished friend whose poetry dazzled an entire generation.  Our last encounter was purely accidental:  peals of laughter from behind a hedge of camellia bushes, and peeking around I saw Reetika, joyous and radiant and more beautiful than 10,000 suns.  Her anniversary was a few days ago, and her haunting poem still presses upon me.  I--we--all miss her very much, and console ourselves with the memory, and the written treasures that she left behind, one of which is 'Lullaby.'

I would not sing you to sleep.
I would press my lips to your ear
And hope the terror in my heart stirs you.




PS:  Today's soundtrack is CRAIG ARMSTRONG's This Love (feat Liz Frazer)