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Friday, July 27, 2012




Sometimes you move away, having experienced a change of heart, or mind.  Whether temporary, or at times indefinitely permanent, we all change, or should strive for change, as, or since, we've now come to realize that this is the only constant in life.  Wallpaper falls in and out of fashion; brass is passed over in favor of brushed nickel, and the formal dining room, formal only in the sense that it is reserved exclusively for the purpose of dining with some degree of ceremony or ritual, is now under attack by developers, architects, and builders who, in keeping with the mode for informality, celebrate and espouse the open layout kitchen/breakfast room where adults perch precariously atop bar-stools at a counter-high island-top, all this in a manner best reserved solely for limber adolescents or the choreographed movements of a seductive dance-troupe in a music-video suitable for late, late night viewing.  Modern is an approach, not an accessory; copying the look from the latest, glossiest shelter magazine should be reconsidered and at best discouraged.  

Celebrating both modernity and tradition, designer Robert Couturier's Connecticut garden seems timeless and most fitting to its setting.  Never swayed by the vicissitudes of 'taste' or 'la mode' a well designed layout (such as today's visual treat) delights the eye, stimulates the mind, and nourishes the soul (in its quest for beauty).  Love it!!

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