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Wednesday, July 25, 2012




Sometimes, not all the time, or even frequently, perhaps occasionally, or, from time to time, I just want to get away (from it all).  Yes, I wanna, wanna, wanna!! From the phone which never seems to leave my grasp for fear that I'll miss the most important call of my life; or the emails that proliferate like ravenous fleas on a docile fawn.  The messages both text and voice demand a response.  Innumerable apps and programs on most electronic devises promise satisfaction, or affirm one's existence through staying connected, as well as the opportunity to declare one's individuality through the process of selection, a series of decisions which indicates one's status, taste, aspirations, and so forth, not necessarily bound to consumerism but almost wholly so.  Sometimes, not all the time, yet more frequently than I can recollect, I crave simplicity and the freedom that arises from the lack of choice(s).  This becomes increasingly difficult in a society satiated by choices and options, customized/made-to-order/updated and upgraded/COM/special order/one-of-a-kind/only available for a limited time/numbered, signed, and certified.  Not to mention shopping in membership-clubs where more equals less, and quicker means easier, and better suggests bigger.  Or the glossy magazines where every and any clothing article is a must-have, every song or jingle a hit, every two-bit eatery becomes a 'destination.' Wanna just get away sometimes and hide, if only for an hour or two, cause sometimes I get just plain-old tired (of it all), and I'm sure, so must you . . .

Hope you love today's visual treat as much as I do, for it suggests sanctuary and tranquility (if only for an hour or two, or a life-time if so desired).


PS:  Today's soundtrack is CHRISTOPHER GOZE's Promenade With Satie  (

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