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Saturday, June 2, 2012




Big-city dwellers in India have taken to Internet-dating with a vengeance rarely seen since the overthrow (of you know)!!  Cleverly, they've invented a hybrid style that is sure to sweep across the rest of the country, like the monsoon rains.  But wait, no need to wait for a gradual/actual/physical transformation spreading from village to village, state to state.  No need to wait for the runner, or the weekly post, or the radio announcer's somber intonation, cause in all parts of modern India it's all done with the click of the mouse, or a slight tap on SEND.  Almost instantaneously images of lovely women and hunky men flash across one's screen alerting the interested viewer of their availability to meet for tea and biscuits/a cold mango-lassi/walk through the park/movies/sex/marriage, or whatever . . .

Satadru Sovan Bandari's art focuses on the place where reality and illusion intersect; his paintings explore the new playground where the illusion of a pixellated perfection is created to satisfy fear, alienation, and lust (or in the case of many, marriage).  Mr Sovan Bandari admits that he is fascinated by the common practice where potential suitors select an image of a sensual, beautiful actress/songstress or a muscular actor, and then impose (through the many tools of photo-shop, Picassa, and the like) their face onto the torso, and presto:  a new entry/entree onto the flesh-market.  Besides adding the factor of desirability to one's offered physical charms, the Internet-suitor strives to appear worldly by the inclusion or addition of easily recognizable status symbols such as designer clothing, expensive Western-style jewelry, contemporary hair-styles and makeup, as well as the requisite pose of being 'with it.'  Cosmopolitan singles in Delhi and Mumbai have succeeded in actualizing Cindy Sherman's provocative exploration of the construction of identity through the medium of representative, although more accessible and with a flavor simultaneously Bolly + Hollywood.  As well as amply referential of Dollywood.

Hope you enjoy today's visual treat; Satadru Sovan Bandari's impressive portfolio may be viewed online at www.satadrusovan.wordpress, or via Facebook. 


PS:  Today's soundtrack: CaPa's Freezing Moon

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Satadru Sovan said...

Thank u love .....I am spellbound.....