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Monday, June 18, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents BITS AND PIECES # 9 / Day 1



Today's visual treat (pictured above) aptly demonstrates how a clever designer chose to furnish a large sitting room without resorting to lots of assorted chairs and countless drink-tables.  In a large, boxy room, or an interior with cable-outlet or entertainment center on one wall, and the fireplace situated on the facing wall, back-to-back sofas are the way to go.  One of newly created sitting areas could be designated for reading and chatting, while the other devoted to TV-watching or movies.  And at party-time nothing adds more to the drama than the suspense of not knowing whose sitting on the other side of the sofa . . .


PS:  Today's soundtrack is RASMUS LIEBST's Tinnitus Of The City

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