The PEEPSHOW presents BITS AND PIECES #9 / Day 3



Today, as the temperature climbed to just below the 100F marker, so did my desire to strip away the superfluous and unnecessary.  Getting the garden watered was my first and foremost objective, as some time had slipped by without getting over to the vegetable beds, and it showed.  Badly!! Droopy tomato plants, as well as bean-vines and thirsty okra calling for care and attention.  Weeds had taken up residence in every available crevice of the path, and morning-glory snaked heaven-ward through rose-bushes and peonies.  Mark my words, within a decade or less the world will be covered with rose-of-sharon, for it spreads more easily than quick-berry, and is twice as stubborn in getting uprooted.  The high point of my trek through areas in desperate need of hard pruning was the discovery of multiple drifts of Queen-Anne's lace that suggested an untamed, natural beauty reminiscent of country-roads and the hills just below the Blue Ridge mountains, or the celebrated creations of gardener/landscape-designer Piet Oudolf.  The overall plan calls for the integration of drifts of California poppies, clumps of cow-parsnip, and milk-weed which is sure to draw the monarch butterflies (here for the summer and then heading back down to Mexico in the fall).

Next week, housekeeping plans call for window-cleaning as well as getting the rugs up and taken outside for a good beating; also strict editing of my living quarters for the weight of accumulated treasurers begins to wear heavy at this time of the year when clarity and lightness is needed.

Hope you enjoy today's visual treat by talented designer/blogger Mark D. Sikes.  His lovely home was featured in the December/January 2012 issue of House Beautiful, and was a fitting intro to the new year.  


PS:  Today's soundtrack is CHRISTIAN FALK's Dream ON (moto blanco club mix)


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