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Friday, June 15, 2012



While some folks are preparing to head for sea-side destinations having made plans to relax for the rest of summer, others are out getting new voters registered, manning campaign offices in previously ignored neighborhoods, tweeting/emailing/blogging/canvasing and many other such actions, all this for the purpose of ensuring that the average citizen has a say in the upcoming Presidential election in November.  Lamentably, it gets trickier (and more expensive) to get the finer points of either candidate's agenda out into the public arena, for the Super-PACS have almost single-handedly altered the playing field because of their ability to just buy, buy, buy ads, influence, and access to power--yet hopefully not the vote!  One of the more memorable posts on Facebook laments the fact that millions of dollars are spent on ads, yet precious little has been allocated towards eliminating homelessness and hunger in this country.

At times I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that billions of gallons of water are used to keep lawns green, and acres upon acres of bedding annuals alive through the months of summer.  If slowly, section by section, yard by yard, lawns were converted to smarter, more drought-tolerant plantings, and native species were utilized instead of rows and rows of forever-thirsty annuals, we'd be all so much more 'greener' and socially responsible towards an endangered natural resource.  I've gotten accustomed to merely turning on the faucet and expecting clean water to flow, yet quite aware that in many parts of the world, this is akin to a miracle.  Somewhere, in a parched village, young girls and women will trudge tiredly and thanklessly for many miles, carrying/balancing/pulling containers of water to wash, cook, clean, bathe.  And this task will continue ceaselessly until development arrives in whatever form, technology assists in bringing running water, or a miracle of sorts occurs . . .

Have a great drive home this Friday evening.


PS:  Today's soundtrack:  AFTERLIFE's Black Iris 

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