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Monday, June 11, 2012




Although I've been assured that its not summer yet, outside it sure feels like it.  Days of blistering heat when toiling under a hard task-master tends to befuddle even the hardiest, and knowing that repeated waterings of newly-planted beds are a must brings some degree of concern and anxiety.  At times like this I dream of skies of hazy blue, deep pools of cool water, and endless fields of wildflowers dancing restless beneath evening breezes.  Those fortunate among us to have swimming pools count themselves smart (or lucky) to be available to relax away from the humid bustle and grind that grips the nation's capital at this time; pitchers of brisk lemonade and tiny sandwiches (now called gliders) will keep guests happy as well as any conscientious host/hostess praised for an apparent ease in appearing relaxed and gracious.

Saturday's Flag Day Picnic sponsored by the BAVF (Blinded American Veterans Foundation) and hosted by Sgt Shaft and Mrs Hea Fales was a wonderful way to honor our military men and women who served bravely and selflessly.  Besides short speeches by local and state politicos, old-school jams by The Hula Monsters, and a sumptuous picnic buffet, I had loads of fun watching the little kids leap fearlessly into the deep end of the pool (without water-wings or noodles). If their joy, endless enthusiasm, and infectious laughter could be bottled and sold, or better yet, shared with all the less courageous and less fortunate around the world, chances are pretty good that we'd run out of reasons to have wars, as well as the need to later honor the dead. 

Please enjoy today's visual treat (poolside in Spain), and have a wonderful work week.


PS:  Today's soundtrack:  ZERO 7's Distractions

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