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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The PEEPSHOW presents BITS AND PIECES #9 / Day 2



If I could, I'd encamp in this library for days on end.  It's not very difficult to imagine sheltering here from the brutish heat of today (and what is likely to continue through the week) with all the accoutrements of refined civility; and, my only request would be endless cups of Turkish coffee and sesame-seed cakes.  Today's interior is the NYC residence of couturier Ralph Rucci whose masterful touch in the disciplines of haute-couture, fine-art, and interiors is phenomenal--so much that it borders on the sublime.  Floor-to-ceiling modern shelves filled with art-books, Chinese scholar-chairs, and Classical statuary spells perfection.  An inspirational room which still gives me the Joneses after all these years.

Hope all the blog readers are staying cool, as well as enjoying this week's visual treats.


PS:  Today's soundtrack is KINOBE's Slip Into Something More Comfortable

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